Fractal Geometry and Stochastics 6


Posters are displayed for the duration of the conference. As a service, we also make them available online in advance on this page (as soon as they arrive).
In Bad Herrenalb posters will be presented by the following participants:

  1. Catherine Bruce: Projections of Gibbs measures on self-conformal sets pdf
  2. Stuart Burrell:  The dimensions of inhomogeneous self-affine sets pdf
  3. Wafa Chaouch Ben Saad: Random Cantor Set with dependence pdf
  4. Mauricio Díaz: Relation between sensitive systems, topological entropy and Baire set in MDS pdf
  5. Yassine Esmili: Wavelet analysis of a multifractional process in an arbitrary Wiener chaos pdf
  6. Jaakko Hakula: Applying Saari triangles in the contexts of the Koch Snowflake: voting procedures embedded in prefractal examples  pdf
  7. Kirill Kamalutdinov: General Position Theorem and its applications pdf
  8. Stefan Kohl: Martin boundary theory on weighted fractals pdf
  9. Melissa Meinert: Sobolev spaces and calculus of variations on fractals pdf
  10. Christina Moor: Augmented trees for infinite IFSs pdf
  11. Mariusz Olszewski: Good labelling property of simple nested fractals pdf
  12. Srijanani Anurag Prasad:  Multiresolution analysis based on Coalescence Hidden-variable Fractal Interpolation Functions pdf
  13. Mounika Rapolu: Multifractal, Fractal and Lacunarity analysis of the 3D cerebral vasculature of the mouse brain in vivo pdf
  14. Natalia Saburova: Spectrum of Laplacians on periodic graphs with guides pdf
  15. Abhilash Sahu: Box dimension of graph of harmonic functions on the Sierpinski gasket pdf
  16. Karenina Sender: The Sierpinski gasket as the Martin boundary of a non-isotropic Markov chain pdf
  17. -
  18. Jan Simmer: On a norm resolvent convergence result for resistance forms on the Diamond Lattice pdf
  19. Klemens Taglieber: Walk dimension of Vicsek sets pdf
  20. Adam Spiewak: Singular measures for random piecewise affine interval homeomorphisms pdf


There is a dedicated Poster Session on Tuesday evening from 20:00 to 21:30 h.
Please take note of the Best Poster Award sponsored by the Birkhäuser publishing house. Your conference booklet contains a ballotslip for your choice of the three best posters.

Winners of the Best Poster Award:

  1. Catherine Bruce
  2. Stuart Burrell
  3. Mounika Rapolu